My thoughts on and off the web

Cyber Security, Game Development, and School.

Course Research and Analysis Program

An application that parses, scrapes, searches, and filters through thousands of courses offered at the University of Guelph, providing real time data and graphing to show dependency trees between courses.

PyDrink Cocktail Maker

This is a Drink Manager App that monitors the drinks you have and helps you find cocktails you can make with it.

RSA Encrypted 2-Way Local Chat

Local 2-way chat using 1024-bit randomized private prime number keys. Initially created as a shell program, was later updated to include a GUI.

Hungry Yoshi Xbox 360 Kinect

Help Yoshi find its apple! Use your hands to slingshot Yoshi through puzzles filled with obstacles! From trampolines, bubbles and fans, brick walls, interactive buttons, and much more! Use your voice along with the Kinect to play, or play using just your computer, you decide! If you're really adventurous try making your own levels in the editor?

Yoshi Moshi PC

Yoshi got lost! Help Yoshi get home and collect stars along the way. How fast can you make it home? Yoshi is hungry so you better get a move on! Collect apples along the way to replenish Yoshi's hunger. If Yoshi's hungry for too long, Yoshi will start to lose health and you don't want that! What are you waiting for, get going!

Kaboom Replica

Recreating the classic Atari Kaboom Game. A burglar drops bombs and you must catch them all in your water bucket. Use the mouse to control the bucket! The more you catch the faster and more random the burglar throws the bombs! You have 3 buckets, how much can you catch?